Thursday, August 23, 2007

Holly Aiken

Before graduating college and moving on to some type of "real world," I had the chance to work at Holly Aiken's studio/store, "Stitch". Located on North Street in downtown Raleigh, it was a great place to spend my weekends while earning an extra buck. On top of being a fabulous boss, Holly is a great handbag designer who graduated from NC State University's College of Design. Her bags are composed of vinyl and black webbing trim. What makes her bags so great is that they are extremely durable and stylish at the same time. Her color combinations appeal to all levels of the spectrum!

This bag is called "Piper"

Here is the "Turbo Jr" (my personal favorite style) with the poppy design.

This is the "Taxi"

Finally, the "Fogg". Be sure to check out the other styles, designs, and colors!
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Emily said...

Whits--I concur that these bags are amazing...attractive AND durable. I was just mentioning the other day that a Cheerwine can busted inside my very hot car and splattered all over my Holly Aiken bag. Despite the fact that this crazy explosion ruined many of my CDs and caused everything in my car to be red and sticky, it took only a swipe of a wet paper towel to remove any such evidence of a sugary soda from the bag. GET ONE!--they're wonderful.