Thursday, August 23, 2007

I promise I can't draw.

After getting accepted into a rather prestigious design school, luckily passing all of my classes (thank goodness!), and actually graduating with a design degree (and minor!) one might assume that I can draw. Well sorry to disappoint... but I was not graced with such a natural talent. Any and all sketching that I do is a learned skill from art classes OR from forcing myself to put the pen on the paper.
So you might be surprised when I tell you that some of my favorite keepsakes are my sketchbooks! The great thing about the classes I took in college, is that I learned that sketching/writing thoughts was more than illustration. Sketching takes any form that you want it to be.
I've decided to share some pages of my sketchbooks with you in hopes that you might be inspired to begin documenting the world around you. I am a big fan of tape, as you will see. I love to keep artifacts and tape them down in my sketchbook. I like to think of my book as a visual library of references!
Above are images from my most recent sketchbook. Magazines are a great source of inspiration, I cut out things way too often...leaving the magazines with large holes!I had the chance to take a fibers studio and the images are above from the sketchbook I kept while in the class. Last year I worked for a wedding stationery company and gained an interest in wedding invitations. I began keeping a sketchbook of invitation ideas that I found intriguing.

The most satisfying part about keeping a sketchbook is opening it up awhile after you have finished it and revisiting your work. It's a nice therapy and one I recommend you start right away!

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jenny said...

There is so much anthro in those books it's insane. I love your sketchbooks so much. And I also LOVE the card I got today from Whitney Living. I leave New York in like 5 hours!! Crazy. I love your blog. Can I just say that? I need to blog about design. You have inspired me to do this. That is all. Oh, and MISS YOU!