Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Making a lake of the East River and Hudson.

This summer goes down as one to remember. I had the opportunity to live in Manhattan for 9 weeks (Harlem to be exact) and work for Martha Stewart Living Magazine. What started off as an out of body experience, quickly transitioned into the time of my life. Despite the 10-6pm office life (more to come on that…) my fingertips were at the edge of city life culture. From Time Square to Union Square, I had the opportunity to experience the city from naive tourist to (eventually) knowledgeable resident. Below are a few festive photos I took.

This is a picture of our extended bay window. We lived in a 5-floor brownstone, with our studio sitting on top! Despite the hike, it was the perfect summer home.
Only in NYC can you find hydraulic cars strolling down 42nd street.
This sign is from a great old building for a sewing machine company. I loved the vintage look so I was forced to document it.I nearly passed this pixelated painting without even noticing it!
Another great sign I found in Brooklyn.
I couldn't take a free ferry ride to Staten Island without taking a pic of the boat, besides I enjoyed the hand painted letters!
Subway tiles! During an escalator ride down to the subway, the tunnel was filled with these great multi-colored tiles.

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