Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Incomplete X-mas gift!

Remember all of the fabric swatches that were generously donated to me a couple of months ago? Well I TRIED to be productive and create a Christmas present out of some of them, but it didn't happen. For about a week, I worked diligently to get squares cut to make a quilt for my brother, but with life going on at the same time, my project got pushed to the back-burner. So, I decided I would share with you the beginnings of my quilt project! I hope to have it completed in March, just in time for my brother's birthday :-)
Here, I sorted through the mounds of fabric to find patterns/colors that were similar to one another. This may seem like fun but the annoying part of acquiring fabric samples is that you have to go through and pull apart the staples that bind the color options together, blah!
Like usual, my dog had to get in on the action! For some reason he always has to be included on projects, especially those that take place on the floor :-)
Ta-da! My goal was to create a diagonal pattern so that the swatches on each diagonal had a similar color palette. That didn't come through as strong as I thought it would, but I still enjoyed the results.
There she is... To be continued... see you in the spring with a completed quilt! (fingers crossed)


robyn's nest said...

Keep it up! This will be a beautiful quilt!

Whitney said...

I should add this project to my New Year's Resolution list! Thanks!