Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Creative Resolutions

I feel especially jolly about this upcoming year so I have decided to create my own list of "creative" New Year's resolutions. Hopefully these will serve as a palette for inspiration throughout the year!

1. Get letterpress up and running (this is the priority considering I have a few wedding invite orders on the way)

2. Purchase more books (I fall victim to putting all of the design books I find on amazon into my wish list and then nothing comes of it!)

3. Take more photographs (my new digital SLR should fix that!)

4. Participate in a local craft fair (I know this a long shot, but maybe if I can buckle down and actually finish making something in some type of quantity...)

5. Focus on blog (I love sharing my thoughts and inspiration with you guys, I am really hoping to take it to another level this year!)

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Yayyyy for getting a digital SLR!! That is (hopefully) my next big purchase :-)