Thursday, January 31, 2008


After recommending Gocco to a friend who was interested in printing on a smaller scale, I thought to myself, what the heck is this thing? I have found bits and pieces about Gocco in the blog-o-sphere and of course through etsy, but when I sat down to really understand how this thing worked, I found a great info/tutorial on The Small Object that I felt really answered my questions.

Essentially Gocco is a quick and simple, portable, color printing system. It's a combination between rubber stamps and screen printing, and is an inexpensive solution to at-home printing.

Check out a few products that were created using a Gocco:
[Images from l-r: SarahParrott825, phoebe1, Michelle Brusegaard


elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i love my gocco - it is exactly what you say it is, a screen printer. what's great about it vs. a normal inkjet is its ability to print metallics and light on dark. it's so cool to be able to print that at home! i've heard rumblings of trying to use embossing powder on the ink to make the end result like thermography but haven't tried it.

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

ps - thanks for linking to us on your blog!