Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Flickr Group: Domino Magazine

It's Tuesday - which means I am sharing with you a new Flickr group that I have found of interest. Domino Mag is one my favorite publications, so when I found the mag's flickr group where they invite the readers to share photos, I came across some great stuff.
[Above from t-b: poopscape, bella seven, whitney english, day at a glance, saidos da concha, chez larsson]


Tara said...

that is so cool - I love Domino! thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

love the cameos! i can't remember what magazine i saw it in, but someone had them done as wedding favors and i think it's such a fabulous idea.

Elaine said...

I like the silhouette vignette. Very nice.

elizabeth said...

I'm late responding to this post, but I have to thank you for posting the silhouettes. I'm thinking about making my own, so any bit of inspiration is fantastic!

Assuming you like silhouettes, have you checked out Kara Walker's work? She's astounding.