Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wedding Wednesday

Although I only share wedding inspiration with you on Wednesday, you better believe its always around every day of the week. I've had the chance to visit the local bridal shows and the dress shops and I have come to the conclusion that:
a) anything with the word "wedding" on it, you can expect a mark up in price
b) it's impossible to find bridesmaid dresses that are not solid color and a sash is the only alternative
c) you have to play along in the dress shops even when you tell them, "I don't want strapless, ballroom, or beads"
I apologize for my cynical nature, but with three weddings in my family this year - and 2 more that I am in...I've got wedding fever! Don't worry, I am loving 2008 and the festive excitement of wedding bells, I just can't help but try to figure out new ways to throw the same party. So I welcome any suggestions :-)

Any-who, above is my weekly wedding inspiration board, hope you enjoy :-)

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