Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well, Whitney is still nursing sore wrists and has asked me - "the fiance" - to take over the blog for a day. I'm taking over the BLOG!! Maybe I'll change the name to Darling Dustin...the current blog title makes it seem as though our dog Dexter is higher on the totem pole than me...I guess maybe he is.

Anyways, I just finished a good read called House: A Memoir by Michael Ruhlman. The book is about the renovation of a 100 year old home by the author in his hometown of Cleveland. More importantly, its about the meaning of a home, belonging, and togetherness in this modern world. So lately, I have had a little house-lust...dreaming of bungalows and cold lemonade on a big front porch in the summer....

[Photos are from t-b: taberandrew,, roarofthefour, and stones55]


karla nicole said...

nice post dustin...very cute houses! hope all is well. tell whitney that i hope her wrists feel better!

amy c. said...

cute, cute, cute. i too struggle with house-lust. glad to read your guest postings, dustin!