Thursday, August 7, 2008

Toots and Magoo

[all images by Julia Parris]
I have had the opportunity to freelance with a new boutique in downtown Chapel Hill on Franklin Street called Toots and Magoo. I am so happy to be working with a store that shares the love of paper goods and interesting finds the same way that I do. The store is great because they have just a little bit of everything. There is a definite command of beautiful letterpress printed goods and antiques however you can also find bags, jewelry, shoes, and more. I love having meetings at the store because every time I go in it's a little different with something new to discover. Toots and Magoo also has a small weddings department, offering the best in letterpress invitations. And coming soon...they are going to start providing workshops.
If you are familiar with the Chapel Hill area, it is located betweeen Sugarland and the former SchoolKids Records.


Lisa said...

Oooh! Please keep me posted on the workshops!

Laura E @ Southern Wedding said...

OH cool! As a fellow Chapel Hill resident thanks for the tip. I will check that out sometime next week!

julia parris said...

Thanks for linking to me. I've enjoyed working on the photography for them.

NotQuiteaBride said...

I LOVE those bags! Yellow and black is my fav combo this season!