Thursday, October 30, 2008

Decorating Help: Renters

I totally related to this article I found on the domino mag website this morning..."Decorating for Renters." When you are not allowed to structurally change your living space the obstacles are a little more frustrating when it comes to decorating. Since I will probably be living in such a space a little while longer--I'm going to keep these ideas handy when we move.

1. Finding petite yet attractive bedroom furniture to maximize square footage
2. Kitchen Storage...we have this problem now. The folks at domino have put their silverware in a caddy and have hidden it behind the cute curtain and found a snazzy container for utensils. I'm also loving the exposed shelves with stacked dishes.3. (Another problem we currently have) Nasty laminate kitchen floors. Here they have covered the floors with flor tiles..perfect!
4. An oversized paper lantern to bring a little pop and dimension to the room (I have about 40 of these left over from the wedding!)
5. As a renter, I'm not sure how I feel about this project - but if you could find a small wall to wallpaper--that could really add a visual element to your space
6. Paint--of course (if you are allowed)!

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Heather from the bar said...

Decorating our 1 bedroom apartment has proven to be... interesting :) We can't bring ourselves to paint it knowing we will leave it one day, but that day won't be for another year. We also just inherited these amazing leather reclining chairs from my grandparents, so our tiny living room has been turned into not only and office and a dining room, but a "sitting room" with a couch, 2 reclining chairs, a chair the cats use to scratch on, and a chair from my old apartment! I dream of the day we move into (!) a two bedroom place :)