Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nightstand Improvements!

When decorating a room, I believe it is the small details that can really make it/break it. So you shouldn't be surprised to know that the nightstands have been given the most attention in my bedroom. When I put my nice round (and extremely white) nightstand into my new bedroom it had zero appeal...
It just blended in with the white walls! So with my crafting skills, I picked up a roll of Martha Stewart wrapping paper from Michael's craft store and worked a little magic. After tracing the circle glass top on the backside of the paper and exercising my fine cutting skills, I was now ready to jazz up my nightstand! Ta-da!

Despite unflattering cords, I consider it to be a successful renovation. Now all I need is to find a more attractive alarm clock and a couple of quaint decorations!
Before moving into our new apartment my boyfriend also rolled up his sleeves and used his excellent spray-painting abilities to transform an old metal nightstand into a completely new piece of furniture! With the help of an Urban Outfitters lampshade, it turned out pretty nice :)
So I guess all that is left for the bedroom is to find a decoration or two for those massive white be continued..

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