Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's old, soon becomes new again!

As cheesy as it may sound, I can't help but love Pyrex. Not just ANY type of Pyrex, but vintage pattern Pyrex! It becomes one of those things where the hunt is as much fun as actually finding a new piece. Pyrex, which has been around since 1915, is the trusty brand of heat-resistant glass that takes the form of casserole dishes galore (and more!).

In the beginning...
One day while browsing through the racks of an antique store, I stumbled across a casserole dish that was a muddy green with a daisy pattern cascading across the front of it. As soon as I purchased the over-priced piece at $14, I was hooked. I transferred my search to Goodwill-type stores where the prices dropped significantly.

With the help of my boyfriend and his mother, we have been able to begin a nice collection of patterns and pieces. We joke that one day there will be no need for a wedding registry, there couldn't possibly be anything better than vintage Pyrex!
Here are two small casserole dishes, the green dish on the left (my first piece!) is the "Spring Blossom" pattern and on the right is the yellow "Butterfly Gold" pattern.Thanks to my Mom, she dug out these salt & pepper shakers from her basement...perfectly matching the "Butterfly Gold" pattern!
You may have seen these colorful pieces, I run into solid color Pyrex bowls/dishes often ... they come in all sizes and shapes (and in a range of colors).
I am hoping to add to this collection. This is a portion of the "Refrigerator Set."
So far, this is the largest dish I have. This pattern is referred to as "Snowflake Blue."
Corning & Pyrex are one in the same, so with luck I have found matching cups, saucers, and plates.

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