Thursday, September 20, 2007

Home Improvements...Part 1

What comes with decorating your first money and time! Slowly but surely, we are putting the pieces together in our little cottage and its starting to feel cozy.
This past weekend I was back in my hometown for a relaxing few days. While I was home, I went with my Mom to a silent auction at a local art gallery. Although I was not the most enthusiastic about attending the auction, I was lucky enough to walk away with a few home improving goodies.
We bid on 4 antique framed maps...and to our surprise, WON them for $35 total! I thought they would look perfect in the vacant space above my tv. I also scored 2 area rugs that fit nicely in my bedroom. Not so bad, huh!?
A few more home improvement details below..
These are some cheap vintage metal coasters! They are funky and sit nicely on the coffee table.
My boyfriend stumbled across 3 old Charlie Brown books in a thrift store and bought them for .25 each! They are currently being held down by a jar filled with fake dirt/plant that I found at Target.
Here is my dog, guarding the house! He has a bad habit of protecting us TOO well, and by too well I mean he barks at everyone that walks by our front door (I think we need a visit from the dog whisperer).

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Karla said...

dexter is too cute! missy plays guard dog from the couch...where she manages to stick her pug nose through the blinds :)