Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Adventures in Letterpress

We just received two big packages in the mail full of letterpress goodies that we bought. How exciting! People have been asking us for weeks if our press is up and running but we always regretfully say "no, we are still waiting to on more stuff." Those days will soon be over because we are very close to being stocked up! Check out our new additions...

Above: In this pic we have boxes of business card size paper, ink, lead spacing, quoin, keys, and a composing stick. (clockwise)Aboev: A box full of "furniture" to pack the "chase" so that the type you use can stay in place while you print.
Above: Here is an example of a packed chase.
Above: We were finally able to fill our first type case with the type we purchased! Here is Dustin putting it in the "California Case" one by one!
Above: Pieces of metal type.
Finally done! More to come when we actually start printing!

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