Sunday, January 6, 2008


I am constantly changing my mind when it comes to decorating so I am still working on my studio/office space. Over the holidays I made a few improvements that I thought I would share!Above: On a large wide desk, I needed something vertical so that all of my knick knack items could have a clutter-free home, so I opted for a shoe rack shelf from Target. I also re-distributed my two desk lamps further apart leaving my desk a little on the dark side. I decided to bring more light in by running x-mas tree lights along the back.Above: Photos galore :-) I collaged my favorite photos on cork board behind my desk.Above: The beginning of my wedding inspiration board.Above & Below: While I love the storage space under my desk, the clutter look was driving me nuts! So, I bought kitchen curtains and altered them to hang under my desk and hide the chaos!


Anonymous said...

Your photos aren't working!

Lisa said...

Yay they're working now (didn't work in my email, either)! Looks fab as always darling!