Monday, January 21, 2008

Dresses & Veils

A little wedding update! So I have been scanning bridal magazines/websites trying to decide on the perfect attire for my big day. I have narrowed it down to: nothing strapless and nothing with poof. If you have ever gone dress shopping though, that is about all you see. However, with the help of my mother, I believe I have decided to make my own dress! This may sound crazy to some but when you have sewers in the family, the sky is the limit!

Good news is that my mom stumbled across a dress form. She was at the mall when she noticed that a store was closing and they had all of their store furniture on sale! She found my perfect size and walked away with a $25 form, what a deal! Dress forms are probably one of the creepiest things you could have (when you turn that corner into a dark room and see a figure by the window...ahh!).
I have also decided against a traditional veil. It is just not something I ever thought about wearing when I pictured my wedding ceremony...SO!...I am inspired to create a birdcage, french-netted veil. Sound cool, huh? This type of veil is really becoming popular again so hopefully I can find some great resources out their on how to construct it. The veils below are from Something Bold. Love it!


Lisa said...

Awesome find on that dress form! I would def have to hide it in the closet though to avoid any late-night scare!

And KUDOS on the vail idea!! I've always thought it was a waste to hide a pretty face!

bliss_24 said...

great blog! much more intertaining than stationery set i'm working on right now... anyways, i wanted to encourage you to make your own veil! i did! and it actually looks a whole lot like the ones you posted. i don't have a great picture of it, but here's a peek: and i made it from a veil off a hat i got from creative consignments and a comb clip that i wrapped in sparkley beads. good luck with it all, your wedding Wednesdays look solid!