Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Flickr Group: Inspiration Boards

I love Flickr and I love Flickr groups! I've decided to create my first series. Once a week I will post about a group I have found and share with you a few photos from it. This week I found the group "Inspiration Boards", a place where people post photos of where they keep things that inspire them. I love the different techniques people use to post their thoughts and findings!
[Images are from (t-b): jenni simmons, new york noodlery, bricolagelife, Angelia*A, and quaint handmade]


sosser said...

hey, that's me! third up from the bottom. thanks for posting my inspiration board :)

jenni said...

Thanks for posting my wire, too! I dig your blog - it's lovely.

cindy k said...

hi - i just discovered your blog and was so happy to see our inspiration board included (quaint handmade)! thanks so much. i'm going to explore your prior posts now, but love your flickr group highlights. best ... cindy

Anonymous said...

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